Mendocino/Fort Bragg



Repairing Fire Damage

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This is only one of the reasons wood roofing is on it's last leg. Were it not for a neighbors phone call and the fact that the occupants were home, this fire (started from a fireplace ember) would have burned this house to the ground very quickly. We will show you the repair process.

Here you can see the charred rafters,sheathing and shake roofing.

We cut out the burned rafters, removed the bad sheathing and stripped all the roofing from that area. The homeowner also wants us to replace the old triple wall stove pipe with a new Metalbestos pipe while we're there.

The old stove pipe is out, the wet and dirty insulation has been removed and clean up is nearly complete.

Let's re-build! New rafters, new sheathing and the new 8" Metalbestos stove pipe.

While all the repairs have been going on, my crew has stripped the whole roof area, installed new 1/2" CDX plywood and is now putting down the #30 felt underlayment.

The fire repair is nearly complete and the roofers are closing in behind them.

Remember the first picture? Here you have the completed job. Of course this roof now has a class 'A' rated, 30yr, Certainteed shingle roof (that won't burn). By the way, this entire project took my crew and myself only 6 hours from start to finish. Good thing, because rain is in the immediate forecast!

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