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Repairing WIND Damage

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What we have here is kind of an unusual wind damage problem in that the north side of this barn roof came off during strong southeast winds. The 25 foot long panels by 40 feet across started lifting up on the east side taking rafters, sheathing and roofing off the barn and laying them in a heap 50 feet to the west. Rather dramatic. Why it blew off will be evident soon.

All 1000 square feet of metal roofing still connected albeit somewhat mangled and quite useless at this point.

Looking at the missing rafters and sheathing you may notice that there are no hurricane clips / Simpson gear holding down the rafter tails at the bottom of the runs, which once the roof started to lift there was nothing really to hold it down.

Probably the biggest culprit to the damage was the missing siding on the east side that allowed the wind to get under the roof creating a large sail area that once loosened just got worse as the sail got larger. It would have been amazing to see it happen live but no one was around at the time.

So then let's put this thing back together, starting with new rafters tied down with metal hurricane clips in many locations.

After the rafters comes the 1'' x 6'' redwood sheeting.

Simpson hurricane clips were installed at all rafter tails on both sides to keep this roof tight in future storms.

We installed tie down straps also where the roof line was extended over the cargo shed just to beef it up as much as possible.

And then the new 25 foot long PBR 3 foot wide panels were installed.

We also install a total of 3 new skylight panels to match the ones they had there originally.

Here you can see the new rafters and hurricane clips along the repair area.

Eric and Rojelio are doing the final touches on the new roof. Yes, Eric does seem to spend a lot of time sitting around, have to talk to him about that.

The barn owner is planning to install new siding on the entire barn but until then we used some left over roofing panels to block off the large opening along the east side on the barn to prevent wind from getting in there in the mean time. Project completed on time and on budget, total work time 2 days for my crew.

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