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Wood Roofing Replacement with Composition Shingles

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One of the most common situations we address at Dunlap Roofing is to strip a wood roof, install plywood, and then re-roof with composition shingles. 20 to 30 years ago when most of these roofs were installed, the quality and cost of wood products made them a popular choice. But now that the quality of wood has diminished and the cost has greatly increased, in addition to the awareness of the extreme fire hazard, we just don't install wood roof products any more(with rare exception). So here you see the removal of an old roof. Yes, it's a dirty job, but we have the tools and experience to do it quickly and clean up afterwards.

In this picture you see a shake roof from the underside during the removal process. Here you see why we have to install plywood. 90% of homes with wood roofing have what's called skip sheathing. This the proper deck for shakes to be on. It allows them breathe and vent so they don't rot. But when it's time for a composition roof, they need a solid deck.

In this picture you get a good view of skip sheathing. We usually install 5-ply, 1/2" CDX plywood hand nailed with galvanized #8 nails. One bonus of this process is that you end up with a roof that has far more shear strength. Typically we spend one day stripping a roof, one day installing plywood, and two days installing the roof and finishing the clean up. Speaking of clean up, I am very aware of the need to clean up thoroughly and we use magnets to scour the ground for nails.

Ok, so we've stripped the roof, installed plywood, and now comes the new roof. In this case we're putting on one of my favorite products, a 35 year Elk dimensional shingle.

I think it's one of the best available (I put these on my own house just last year). We always use #30 felt under the shingles and of course all new flashings. Again, we always hand nail with hot-dipped galvanized roofing nails.



During this re-roof project we stripped off the old wood shake roof, (before I could even get a picture of it!), installed 1/2" CDX plywood, #30 felt paper, copper edge metal, and then the new "Elk" brand 40yr shingle roof. This re-roof was especially interesting not only because of the incredible view it offered, but the wind blew straight in at 20 to 40 mph every one of the 8 days we were working. Still my guys toughed it out and did a great job!

This is the stripped roof area upper most on this multi-level home.

Here you see the same area with it's plywood sheathing.

Now the #30 felt with copper edge metal is being installed.

On this roof, we selected "Elk" 40 yr, Weatherwood color shingles. The grey blends of the" Weatherwood" tend to match the tones of an old wood shake roof.

This is the shingling in progress on most of the roof areas. We worked on various sections at different times depending on wind speed and direction. The wind situation caused this job to last one or two days longer than it would have otherwise.

Here is the finished roof! I'm very proud of what my crew did under very windy conditions over so many days.



Here we go again with another shake roof tear off to be replaced with composition shingles. This is the before shot obviously. We will be rebuilding and replacing the skylights as this was the trouble spot to start with.

This particular home has an usual shape on the west side, it kind of bends to the lower corners. It was built this way, don't ask me why. On this picture you can see the skip sheathing installed over rigid foam insulation, which is installed over 2" x 6" T&G sheathing, which is exposed inside the home.

The plywood on this application is screwed to the skip sheathing with 1&1/4" deck screws. You can see the screw gun laying there (24 volt by the way, oh yea, more power!). Also visible is the 30# felt being installed.

Old brittle skylights, ready for the dumpster as soon as the new ones arrive. We left them on temporarily during the process to keep weather and critters out.

The new 40yr. Elk shingles are here and being loaded. This is the fun part of the job,not!

Here is the west side after being re-roofed. Again you can see the odd shape. The shape didn't throw my guys at all, after all, we are professionals.

New skylights, new copper flashings, there will be peace in this home when the rains come.

And here you have yet another beautiful re-roof project by the highly skilled staff of Stephen Dunlap Roofing!


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