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Composition Roofs

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First Example

Of all the roofing types available, there is little doubt that composition shingles are the industry leader. Class 'A' fire rated, reasonably priced, easy to install, easy to maintain and very good looking, this roofing product continues to be the favorite. With each passing year the manufacturers are improving the appearance and durability of these products. I re-roofed my own home in 2001 with Elk 30yr shingles (and I could have put on anything I wanted). The roof you are looking at may be familiar to you, it's on the corners of Lansing and Headlands Dr in Mendocino. We did this challenging roof several years ago and it came out very nice.

Here you see the Hickory color of Elk 40 year shingles on a house we did last year. This is typical of a home that used to have a wood shake roof and was converted to composition. There are many colors and increasing types of shingles available. If you are considering a re-roof soon, start looking at roofs around town to get an idea of the style and color you may like. Write down the address and I'll get a look at it for you.

Remember this type of shingle? It's called a 3-tab shingle. For many years this was the most common shingle used. Fortunately, they are no longer being used as a primary product. They lack the depth and appearance of the newer dimensional products available, not to mention they are very prone to wind damage.


Second Example

Let's do a new home roof! For this slightly steep new home our owner has chosen the ever popular Elk "sablewood" 40 yr. shingle. Getting started is a little tricky on a steep roof, but that's why you should leave this stuff to the professionals.

Here you see the roof in progress. We've installed safety planks at the lower edge to put materials on and to serve as a safety net in the event of slipping and sliding. The skylights you're looking at are Velux brand; they are a very good quality product.

The only thing more exiting than a one story steep roof start is the two story edge start. Hang on Gary!

We're getting close now. Just a few more ridge shingles, clear the last planks and the new roof will be done.

It's done! Good thing because the insulation is in and the drywall is being installed as we finished. Can't let those materials get wet. The only thing left to do is get paid; now where did our homeowner go?


Third Example

This is a 50yr. Elk shingle roof nearing completion. You can see the safety planks in place that we commonly use on steep roofs. They also make for a great place to set materials and tools during the process of roofing.

Here you can see new copper flashing around the fireplace. We finish this by attaching 1" x 4" redwood boards set carefully in specially selected caulking. This process has worked very well for us for many years.

The finished roof. My customer on this project was very concerned about the color since we had removed the shake roof to start with. Many people are concerned about losing visual integrity when going from wood to composition roofing but generally they are very happy with the results.

Not only are composition roofs visually appealing, they can be safely walked on for roof top maintenance purposes. In addition and most importantly they are Class A fire rated, which means they are very resistant to being ignited by wood stoves and nearby fires.

Now that's a good looking home!


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