Mendocino/Fort Bragg




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In this series we're going to install rigid foam insulation over a solid open beam roof deck. Many homes were originally built with little or no insulation. Since we had to strip the existing shake roof for re-roof purposes, this is the perfect time to insulate as well. Let's go back to the start.

The first thing to do is remove all existing roofing. Then we nailed a 2'' x 4'' redwood down to the perimeter for edge nailing. In this case we're installing 1 1/2'' foam so the height is perfect.

Then the foam is laid in place against the perimeter nailer. Next 1/2'' cdx plywood is nailed flush to the perimeter over the foam.

The process is repeated over and over, foam then plywood etc. The plywood is nailed on the perimeter and screwed in the field areas.

The perimeter is then capped off with redwood to hide and seal the foam and plywood.

Now the roof is ready for shingles. You can see we still need some plywood in the upper left corner and re-install the wood stove pipe in the large hole in the center up near the ridge. After this project was completed our homeowner reported an immediate difference in the warmth of his home.

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