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Featured Roofing Project:

On this re-roof in addition to the usual shake re-roof with composition we will address 2 problem areas. The first one is seen in the lower left, it's the glassed in solar room. These are usually leakers and we're going to re-build this one differently from the original concept.

The other trouble area is this monster 6' x 12' skylight on the north side. After much research and discussion with glass contractors, skylight manufacturers and our homeowner, it was decided to remove this beast altogether and replace it with 3 3' x 6' new skylights that are far easier to handle. We'll get to that later.

Let the demolition begin! On this steep roof we decided to set up scaffolding on each section through the process.

After stripping and new plywood, the new 50 year Elk shingle roof is going on while the next section is being removed.

On to the solar room. The first step is to remove the old leaking glass and roofing completely.

Then 2'' x 6'' redwood is installed to completely cover the area.

Next we installed special underlayment called "Wintergard" to seal under the shingles because of the low slope of this roof area. We also cut in a new 2' x 4' skylight to let in more light.

Here is our ever-vigilant homeowner Denali keeping a close eye on progress. It's actually easier having the homeowner closely involved to insure a properly completed re-roof, especially on a project like this with several problems to solve to their satisfaction.

Here is the finished solar room with new roofing, copper flashings and new J.C.Barry Low-E glass skylight.

On to the next problem area, the large north side skylight. In this picture you can see the framework separating from it's self. I could put my finger in the hole! I wonder if this thing leaks?

This was a hard skylight to remove because of size, weight, old rusted screws and being on a very steep roof.

But we finally got it off. Notice the old wood curbing, it comes off next.

With the old curbs gone , we filled in the area with custom made 2'' x 8'' lumber to match the existing ceiling.

This is the filled in area from the outside.

And the view from the inside.

Next we cut out the new lumber to receive the new curbs for the 3, 3' x 6' skylights.

Here are the rebuilt curbs from the inside.

And here they are from the outside.

While the finish work begins on the inside of the new curbs, the ever vigilant Denali and her husband Tom remain on guard with their camera.

And the roofing begins on the outside with all new copper flashings.

Here is the finished skylight rebuild. Boy was I glad when it came out so good!

The finished north side.

The finished skylights from the inside view. You might be able to see the great ocean view they afford.

It's all done! And of course the ever vigilant Denali is still on guard. By the way all you prospective new clients, Denali had fresh baked cookies waiting for the crew each and every day. Many things go into a successful re-roof project, and sometimes cookies help.

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