Mendocino/Fort Bragg




 On this project were we asked by the City of Fort Bragg to re-roof a lift station roof located at Pudding Creek Beach. It had been roofed with a hot tar gravel roof many years ago that was well worn out. A quick early check revealed the roof surface was solid concrete which makes attaching a typical roof very difficult so I began some research into how to re-roof this properly. I knew of a product called " Garnite " from Roofmart so I called the local rep. Dave Rosprim for advice. He assured me his Garnite system would work well on this roof so off we went with it. The process would involve first cleaning the roof surface thoroughly and then applying a primer, then the yellow  " liquid rubber " coat called " flex ", and then a final coat of tinted brown white top coat to somewhat match the surrounding beach location with the recently restored trestle walkway looking down on the roof.


So away we go:

Here is the scraped and cleaned roof surface.

This roof is located right on the beach under the trestle walkway with the Pacific Ocean just off to the west.

The view of Pudding Creek beach to the south.

Garnite rep Dave Rosprim turned out to be a very smart and fun guy who really knows his stuff, along with being a fellow sushi hound like me. He spent the day teaching how to install his system.

The first step is to install a primer coat so the next layer will adhere to the roof surface, it went on fast and easy.

During the work we found some cracks in the roof surface, we will be addressing those later.

The primer is now dry so we can move on to the next step. We poured the black activator into the yellow flex product and mixed it thoroughly.

During the work our local city rep John Smith kept an ever vigilant eye on the process as the city has many more of these buildings to be next. He actually is a very nice guy and was helpful every step of the way.

Now we begin installing the flex coat. You need to put it on nice and thick going for a 26 mil. thickness, again, very easy and kind of fun.

For the cracks in the deck we found earlier a simple re-enforcing tape was applied, kind of like drywall taping.

The flex coat installation continues.

Here you see the flex with taping on one of the flashings, came out great!

And now the flex coat is done, so it's time for the final coat with the brown tinting added. But here's where we ran into a problem.
Dave Rosprim had made it clear to me that I had to use a urethane tint for the top coat coloring or there could be an improper reaction that may cause trouble. I should have listened closer as we had the tinting done during the first day and then later that evening while walking around my truck I noticed what Dave was concerned about. Look below:

The product did indeed react, expanded a lot and pushed out of the can all over the bed of my truck. It set up into a solid piece of rubber like stuff, quite the mess. So, thinking this may happen, Dave had left a can of the other top coat product which is a silver finish coating.

So we went ahead with the silver coating and planned how we were going to color the roof to match the surrounding beach area.

Using a Urethane Deck Paint we then painted the roof with the last coat of brown.

Here is the nearly completed paint coat.

With only the perimeter edge to finish the project was completed.
The city rep John now wants us to about 3 more of these lift stations around town along with about 10 buildings at the city water treatment plant.
I am looking forward to using Garnite on other hard to roof projects such as restaurant roofs that have lots of HVAC units along with the usual array of blowers, vents and refrigerator cooling units that make re-roofing them a real pain. More later on those.