Mendocino/Fort Bragg




Hey, you need gutters and downspouts too!!

Our truck and gutter machine.

Rolling out the seamless gutter material.

Rolling the material into a gutter.

Extruding a gutter!

Just like magic!!

And, up it goes!


Here are some of our projects.


This is a 70 foot section the crew installed.

One piece without a seam!

Just about the limit for length!

This was a tricky downspout around a deck.  Just what the client wanted!

A one hundred foot section that had to be done in two sections with only one seam.

No problem.

There are many colors to choose from. This is our medium green porch gutter.

Here are some white gutters, the most common color.

In this case we have white gutters with grey downspouts.

Another view of the white/gray combination.

Here are dark green gutters with a brown roof.

How about some colonial Red?

For those of you who want to spend a lot of money, copper really is classy!

Another view of the copper work.

This shows an unusual detail of several roof lines connecting with scuppers and gutters.

Here is the porch.

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