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Our Favorite Weather Pages

These are the weather sites I use when making daily decisions regarding to work or not to work, what kinds of projects I may be able to get to, etc. After doing this for 25 years, I still sometimes make the wrong call ! But it's the excitement of nature that contributes to making this a fun job.

Please use the links below to select the pages you want to see from Stephen's favorite weather pages.


Zone Forcasts

National Weather Service: Mendocino Coast

National Weather Service: Ukiah

This is my favorite weather site. From this site you can see the weekly forecast and check out many related links. One of the links I enjoy is the "forecast discussion" link at the bottom of the page. At this link you can read what the area forecasters are discussing between themselves. It can be a little hard to understand but if you read it often it starts to make sense. You can also access other information easily through this site.


NWS Doppler Radar - Long Range Base Reflectivity - Eureka

This is a radar site for the north coast area from the weather bureau in Eureka. The still shot can be put in motion by the "loop" link. I use the base reflectivity shot instead of the composite but either one gives you real time radar. You can also check out adjoining areas with other links.


West Coast US Satellite

This satellite has it all! Just about any form of view from space you could want. You can put any of them in motion and check out all kinds of weather information.


Mendocino Current Conditions

This is not a forecast site, but rather a current condition and recent activity site for our local area.


There are lots more weather sites available, call or
E-mail me to find out (or show me) more.


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